The Must-Have Guide To Blogging 
How I Built and Grew A Profitable Blog (and you can, too!)

The Must-Have Guide To Blogging - How I Built & Grew A Profitable Blog (and you can, too!)

What You Get with The Must-Have Guide To Blogging:

You get instant access to the eBook that’s packed with actionable advice and effective solutions to help you craft your message, cultivate your online presence, and monetize your platform so you never have to struggle with overwhelm again.
  • WHAT'S INSIDE 175+ pages of my tried and true strategies + actionable ideas to help you build your blog, grow your audience, and begin making a profit!
  • GET STARTED QUICK Save time with my easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, as well as strategies and solutions that I have personally tried and tested to achieve success!
  • TECH AND TOOLS TIPS Included with the ebook is an 18 page guide to improving your photography and editing pictures for high-impact social shares + a 15 page workbook to help you plan, goal tend, and track your progress as you go!
  • LIMITED TIME BUNDLE OPTION: AFFILIATE ACCELERATION Opt to bundle the ebook with with Affiliate Acceleration, an 8 module video course of my most popular blogging conference session, and learn how to dramatically increase your site’s passive income using affiliate marketing!

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Sarah Philpott, Author & Blogger

Genuine, fresh, and valuable!"

"The Must-Have Guide to Blogging is like having your brilliant best friend come over for a coffee date and teach you the ins and outs of blogging. It’s jam-packed with useful information and illustrations that will help transform your blog from blah to brilliant. It’s readable, relatable, and full of really great information. As an author still learning about blogging, this book has become indispensable!"

In The Must-Have Guide To Blogging, You Will Discover:


Easy to implement technical instructions with step-by-step photos on how to set-up your blog and configure your social media platforms.


Get actionable advice on how to write engaging content, grow your audience, get great press, and the secrets to my social media strategies.


How to generate income, from affiliates to ad revenue to sponsored posts, as well as how to pitch brands and develop a monetization plan that works for you!


Access to the Fruitful Blogging Facebook Community + VIP Blogging Tips Newsletter

Kayla Aimee

About the Author: Kayla Aimee

Hi, I'm KA! I've been blogging and working as a certified social media specialistsince 2005 and am so grateful that my love of this online space has become my full-time job. I am incredibly passionate about the art of blogging and my goal was to infuse that passion into this material for everyone who writes me and asks, "how did you do it?" 

Blogging has led to many amazing opportunities to earn an income and help support my family. In 2014 I was invited to be on The Today Show to talk about blogging. (That was probably one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me.) Because of my blog, I have traveled to Ireland, worked with incredible brands on fun projects (like a kitchen makeover!) and landed a publishing contract with one of my favorite faith-based publishing companies. In 2015 I released my first book, Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected*, with B&H Publishing and my second will release in 2018. It has been an incredible honor to see my work in print.

I have included the why and how of just about everything that I do to run my online business, my very favorite resources, and what I've learned along the way to save you the hassle of making the mistakes I have! By the time you finish the material, you should have all the tools you need to be able to set up your own website and start pursuing your passion in the online space effectively!

What People Are Saying

Courtney Westlake, Author & Blogger

“Wow! I have read multiple blogging ebooks and have been blogging for years in some capacity, but I still came away with new information and ideas! It's genuine, fresh, and makes me feel like I'm simply getting advice from a friend. You shared such valuable information and I really appreciate your inside information and transparency!

Sarah R. Bagley, Blogger & Podcaster

“After reading this ebook I feel a renewed passion and energy for blogging. I appreciate the conversational and personal tone, and I know it is a guide I will refer to often!”

"This book is awesome. It makes what feels to be a zillion things to learn about manageable with helpful strategies. I can tell you it changed my business right away and I can't wait to learn more and use this book as a bible to get myself where I want to go."

Got Questions?

Q: Sounds great, but is it going to cost me a fortune?

A: My goal is always to keep my material applicable and affordable. I know that when you're just starting out, you sometimes have to bootstrap! Trust me, I've been there. So as a fellow creative entrepreneur on a budget, I've kept that in mind to make this information actionable and accessible!

I feel confident that The Must-Have Guide to Blogging + Affiliate Acceleration will be the most budget-friendly investment you’ll make to help you build a thriving blogging business!

Q: What's included in the bundle?

A: The bundle includes everything in The Must-Have Guide to Blogging PLUS enrollment in my Affiliate Acceleration eCourse, which features 8 video mentor modules, step-by-step tech screencasts​, access to the VIP Facebook group community, and a resource guide of 50+ handpicked high-paying, high-value affiliate programs and partners.

You'll learn targeted strategies for creating high-converting content across your blog, email, and social media channels, as well as persuasive design and copywriting methods that will help you serve your audience without feeling sales-y! 


The Must-Have Guide To Blogging by Kayla Aimee - a fantastic resource for bloggers!

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  • 175+ pages of actionable steps and strategies to take your blog from bland to brilliant!
  • 15 Page Printable Planning & Goal Tracking Workbook
  • Exclusive Bonus Content


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175 page ebook + step-by-step screencasts and video mentor modules


  • 8 Video Modules + 3 Bonus Lessons ($27 value)
  • 175+ page Must-Have Guide To Blogging eBook ($17 value)
  • Exclusive Bonus Content ($15 value)
  • Private Facebook Group Access

all for just $39

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